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Thread: Philosophy On Asking For Help To Fill Crates

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    Philosophy On Asking For Help To Fill Crates

    My own philosophy/method of playing is that I ask for help anytime I can't immediately fill a crate, even if I'll be able to fill them myself easily in a short time, so that others have the opportunity to win clovers. Of course, there are plenty of times I ask for help because I can't fill a crate easily! But I would say that only about a quarter of the people on my friends list ask for help filling crates on any sort of regular basis. I know a lot of people wanted to be friends just so that they could have more boxes in the market, but I like the reciprocity of asking for help and filling each other's crates. I guess maybe I need to check the random list more often, to earn more clovers?

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    Hi Epona

    I'm the same - I always make sure and ask for help whether I need it or not on all 3 lines. I too feel it's important to give others the chance to earn clovers because I really appreciate it myself!

    I've been to give help sometimes and a player's plane has only had one box ticked - maybe for something I couldn't help with, yet if they'd only ticked something from each row I could have helped!

    I know with some players who have lots of active friends you have to be really quick to catch their requests for help! Last evening I was regularly checking my friends box and quite often someone's picture was just disappearing, or when I clicked through their request had already been filled.

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    Hi Epona and MimG

    I'm with both of you on this..... I like to help... I also like to help by giving others chances at clovers.... But I notice the same, out of all my friends there are only a certain few that regularly ask for help..... I know yeah like you say it's trying to catch them too. But I do play this game a lot, through circumstances and even though my barn limit is getting in the good high range now I will still give clover help....


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    I try to ask for help quite a bit, too. I often wondered if I was annoying people asking for help so much, especially when it's for an easy request, when I'm only trying to give others the opportunity to get clovers. Thanks for posting this so I know I'm not alone.

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    One of my pet peeves which is occurring more and more frequently of late, is several friends asking for help - planes AND trains - all needing the same items. For instance - 5-6 cheeseburgers. Over and over I click on a friend only to see they need the same items. Now, I for one, don't keep 25-50 cheeseburgers in stock.

    For several hours I will see these poor folks sitting there waiting for help. There needs to be an improved mix in the ratio of items, the way it used to be.

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    Exactly Nana! I've been finding the same thing - lots of friends all wanting the same thing - like 5 cheeseburgers! It's rare that I would have 5 cheeseburgers spare, let alone enough for 5 or 6 people!

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    No, I see it differently. I try to hold my requests for help on a low level. I try to fill most of what I can myself. I dont want to overstress other people's willingness to help. It is 1. because as you already mentioned you often need multiples of valuable items that maybe wipe out other people's complete stock on this item 2. I dont think it is that much about earning clovers for those who help. There is no good reward ratio in regard of that. You give away lets say 5 items that take long time to produce or are costly at the market and you get 1 clover and you need 5 and then you still have the risk to win a bummer price.

    The people WANT to help you and they often just do it for the feeling that they helped to speed up whatever achievement in your game and then they help although they might end up with needing these items shortly after themselves.

    That is why I choose to avoid asking for help too often.

    P.S: That is why I tend to think negative of those who for example ask for all three boxes of a single item at the airport. I think come on! You should at least try to put some effort to fill one of it yourself given you have more than 10 hours to do so.
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    I agree with some of what you say, Alizar, but not all. One element you didn't mention is the XP reward for helping. I have seen some very worthwhile ones especially in the plane cargo.

    Also, some players are seriously competing and collecting wings when they help fill plane cargo.
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    Good comments here. Here's what I do:
    1. When I send a plane away - I click on the plane right away - to see what the next order will be. Then I start working on producing those items.
    2. If a plane has 3 columns of things, I'll ask for help in one of each column. Never do I ask for help in all 3 crates of only 1 column. Same as Nana said below - when I see someone asking for 5 x 5 sugar - I have a minor heart attack. I can't help on all of those orders.
    3. If a plane asks for high quantities of cheese, sugar, things that are of high value for everyone - I don't expect friends to fill that. If it's too outrageous I'll send the plane away unfilled.
    4. I wait for my House of Luck to get 50 clovers before I go there. On some days - especially a weekend - I can get 50 clovers 3 times in a day. For me - this can be a good way to earn Tcash. There are days of playing the House of Luck where after 50 clovers I'll only get 3 or 4 Tcash. There are other days when I'll get 10 or 12 etc. each time. Hence Tcash goes up - towards buying that last saw or paint of pail to finish off a land or barn expansion.
    5. For both trains and planes - If the option is there - I'll ask for help on a small or easy item, so that my friends at lower levels can help and get a clover.

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    As I still havent found out what this plane leaderboard is all about ( was it ever explained in detail anywhere?!) I dont care at all about wings. Yes, filling crates might reward with xp too but filling orders does that too without creating huge imbalances in my barn stock. I try to balance the amount of items in my barn.

    Unfortunately I see people asking constantly for help but never saw them (although they have a photo) fill any of my boxes. There ARE players who just take advantage of others who are keen to help. So I changed my attitude here and look twice whom to help but if I do I dont care of xp, coins or clovers.

    @Sandy: Thats a good and balanced view on doing it!
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