Have to be totally honest here, I don't think too much about my friends when I ask for help.

Sounds terrible, but I ask for help when I need it. Sometimes I ask for all 3 of one column of crates. Never realised people would think badly of me for doing this. I have a busy life, full time job, 3 kids, way too many animals, I'm not perfect, sometimes I forget to prep for a plane, or it asks for blue hats while I am doing a coat task etc.

Thing is I just assume that my friends are smart enough to decide if they want to help me or not.

I don't ask for things I don't need, who knows what players are doing in order to fill requests that you didn't vreally need to ask for help on?

(I do limit my zoo requests to small amounts though, mainly because I don't really care if my zoo orders get filled or not. )

On the other hand I help as much as I can, I grow crops for people, use the market and regularly use my dealer to buy items for people who need them. I also constantly forget what my next plane needs and give it away 5 minutes before my plane arrives. It all works out though, I have an amazing co-op and some fantastic friends.