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Thread: Snowboarding Event Over Too Soon!!!

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    Snowboarding Event Over Too Soon!!!

    Does anybody else feel that the snowlboarding event ended way too soon? I feel like I was just finally getting the hang of the snowboarding event and then suddenly it was all over with?? Not to mention that I never saw anything saying it was ending and I lost valuable products which were being turned into snow when the event ended!! Kinda feel bummed out about that!!!

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    Lol, I definitely did not feel like the snowboarding ended to soon. If anything sometimes I feel the events last to long!

    As for warning when an event will end. I don't know what platform you play on, but on my kindle when I enter the event centre at the bottom (under personal goals) the time left for the event is displayed.

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    Dear AuntLee,
    Welcome to the Forum. Like Downton mentioned it is very useful to keep an eye on the timer in your racing screen during next events.
    It is also shown on my Android device so I am almost certain you have one too.
    And please keep in mind that with the Event ending the temporary Events decorations will no longer be available.

    Happy Towning

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