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    How in the world do you complete all of your tasks in Regatta. I check mine regularly and either 1-I have to wait for things to grow etc. because -2 on the notification side bar someone or the other says "leave the trains" or leave "the bananas" etc and I can't do those tasks. I have to choose what someone hasn't placed dibs on. Out of 13 tasks I was only able to complete 3 because most of them were 3 or 4 planes, or some that took a while to complete. Any pointers?

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    Most of the players in my co op manage 10-16 tasks, it is not hard if you prepare and choose wisely.
    We have a first come first served system for choosing tasks, players can state they want a particular task, but anyone can choose it.
    I plan for the regatta by making products in factories that often come as tasks such as sweaters, quiche, syrup, ice creams etc.
    I also have my feeding factories full of food which makes animal tasks easy to complete in a couple of hours.
    Mining tools I save for regattas, and buy extras from the market..that task takes only a few minutes
    Helping fill as many crates as possible to earn clovers for House of Luck.
    I fill my boats for shrimp so I only need one trip and choose that task once the boats are ready.
    I choose harvest tasks that are quick such as cotton or strawberries and only choose rubber or silk at night so they can grow overnight.
    Hot products if they are milk, corn, carrots etc. But not long to produce items

    I never choose plane, train, tacos tasks or others that take a long time to complete. Communication within the co op is useful. We have a process where we dump lots of tasks, but try to leave several to choose at all times. We let each other know if we are prepared and looking for specific tasks, but others are free to choose them. Use the boosters too, save gems earned in the mine, zoo and a House of luck

    The most useful tip I can offer is to avoid plane and train tasks. Be patient waiting for a task you want. Go for lower point tasks until you are able to complete more with higher points. Remember 2 tasks at 120 points gets more points than one at 135 points.

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    Renegade Racer's

    We will help you finish all your tasks its all about time management and having a good team of people willing to help each other

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    If you join my coop i can teach u how to finish all ur tasks in 2 days. I have 11 golden trophies :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubed View Post
    If you join my coop i can teach u how to finish all ur tasks in 2 days. I have 11 golden trophies :-)
    I would like to know how you got 11 golden trophies. I have one and my understanding is that it is the reward for an achievement and that you can only do it once. I have won the golden league many times but I only have one golden trophy. I would love to know how to get more.
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    I think they mean 11 gold trophies for winning 1st place in their regatta stats, not 11 golden sail trophies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamingGirl View Post
    I think they mean 11 gold trophies for winning 1st place in their regatta stats, not 11 golden sail trophies.
    That's a possible explanation I'm also curious for Boubed's answer, cos in the other msg here they called it "11 golden sails".

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    At a guess, English is not their first language. Just one of those things when you play a game with international appeal.... but I'm sure I'm more or less stating the obvious!
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    Possibly, Bae Town, although in my experience we are usually rather lax rather in our own mother tongue than in a learned foreign language. Anyway, as it was a simple question, I'd say we simply wait whether Boubed answers it.

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    In my co-op, most of us have agreed to do 1 train and 1 plane (at 135pt each) at the minimum, and most of us space it out so that some people do it in the beginning, some do it in the middle (around 3/4 day remaining mark), and some at end. This way, all the "easy" tasks like HOL, Feed, and Crop growing get spread evenly. Some of the higher level members choose to do more trains since they have upgraded at about 20%-30% time decrease already.

    We also prep ahead of time as well as during tasks, and some have been prepped for already (ex: 12 trucks ready to go, 12 sweater, pizzas, etc) since we have seen those often. Also those who do trains are also expected to do mining since 1-2 train tasks are usually enough to do 135 pt mining.

    Using all these tricks, it's pretty easy to do 15 tasks, and most of us finish about 1-2 days early.

    But then again, we don't care much for being on leaderboard, just top 3. Between all the cheaters and t-cash players, we have decided we just wanna focus on our town's wellbeing
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