Just have a couple things i would like to say,why the heck is there no way to complete certain levels unless you have money or get lucky.Do you think maybe you could add that after a certain amount of attempted tries you could add more moves after failed attempted tries for example ive attempted level 70 over 30 times so 3 more moves are added to the 35 so on and so forth. I've been stuck on level 70 for quite some time!i would like to admit game is really fun and addictive but all tasks shouldn't require a star to be completed and there's not very many options for decorating more flower and items should be added..btw really a star is required to greet guest at gate...like really..a star to open briefcase or paint...seriously....please consider my suggestion I bet a lot more people would continue to play and not uninstall,also the amount of coins for powerups is a little steep,stop trying to be like everyone else and trying to get my money you won't go as far as if you took in to consideration not everyone has money to blow on games....some people really don't have it like most. Thank you.