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Thread: Getting Rid of TCash?

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    Getting Rid of TCash?

    Recently, one of my best friends gave me an iTunes gift card with about 15$ worth of cash, which I promptly spent on Tcash.

    Now I've got a lot of Tcash on my hands but my fingers keep getting twitchy every time my plane or train is 1-5 Tcash away from arriving. I also noticed I have way less patience waiting for my goods to be finished in the factory, and man do I spend a crapton of Tcash on refreshing regatta tasks.

    How can I spend my Tcash on more permanent purchases? What do you seasoned players recommend?

    I'm thinking of spending quite a big chunk on more production boxes but those get more expensive with each box (8, 12, 16,20 etc).

    I'm also leaning towards buying some market boxes but I'm not sure if those get more expensive with each additional box either?

    I guess what I'm asking is: how can I make my Tcash purchases have a lasting impact?

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    I think the best use of t-cash is hiring the dealer and buying extra baskets in the market. At present, I have 60 baskets, so whenever I need something, it's almost always in my market. They do get more expensive with each basket, but they are an investment that will help you for the rest of the game. Other than that, I only use t-cash to buy the extra task in the regattas. I have very strict rules for myself -- I won't use t-cash to speed up planes or trains and NEVER to speed up good in the factories. Hope that helps.

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    I buy Tcash because I like to support games I enjoy, but I tend to be a bit picky about spending it.

    I maxed out the production boxes for the 3 basic factories: bakery, dairy, and sugar. They have products that don't take long to produce, so you are constantly having to set up new production if there's only two or three production boxes. And the products are used in many of the complex products in other factories, so you generally want a good supply.

    I gave myself permission to buy the first box in every factory "automatically" and most of the time, that's enough. Every now and then, I'll decide an extra box or two would really help with my "timing," and will add them.

    I never pay to speed anything up. I'm patient. I can wait.

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    This seasoned player (level 103, I think - maybe 105) recommends learning patience. lol Spending t-cash to rush a crop or factory or boat is throwing away an expensive item for no permanent benefit. As you noted.

    What I spend T-cash for:

    - The last few tools for a barn upgrade - more storage room makes everything else in the game easier
    - More market boxes (although I am up to 50, which is enough for my needs, so I haven't bought any in a while)
    - More boxes in factories IF I find that I need more - I don't automatically pay to add them all as soon as I have a new factory. But I am only on a few times during the day, so many of my factories are maxed out so I can load them up to keep working when I am offline
    - Changing the time that my market refreshes (4 and 10 are the change times that work for me - I pay to adjust it whenever we have a time change)
    - Occasionally, to buy mine tools if I am trying to finish a mining task or hurry up a building if I want to see it finished, but I recognize this is a poor use of t-cash and just indulge my own whim

    What I DON'T spend t-cash for:
    - Hurrying up products or trains or planes or boats
    - Decorations (unless I REALLY want it lol)
    - Opening chests. Good rewards are so rare (at least for me) that I don't even bother any more
    - The dealer, most of the time. I am in a very helping-oriented coop, so I can usually get help from other coop members. Once or twice a month I will buy him for 1 day to stock up on jewelry and ore, but that is all.
    - Anything upgradable

    This is what works for me, but you'll need to figure out what works for your own approach to the game. Many people, for instance, swear by the Dealer, but I simply am not in-game enough to use him efficiently.

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    My spending T-cash priorities:

    1. Raja's search ability, top priority!
    2. More boxes in factories - I like fat filled long queues when I know I can't play the game for several hours - sleep, work, social life
    3. More market boxes
    4. Opening chests. I open chests all the time. I've got the T-cash to spare because I use Raja to do many mafia guy helicopter missions that give T-cash.
    5. Occasionally a quick Raja market refresh, but that's the limit of my impatience.

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    My Tcash spending

    - hiring Raj in both games and buy ore, picks & jewellery mostly.
    - factory boxes, have all boxes in most factories & fill them up with slow production items overnight
    - market boxes, anything I don't have I can check the market to see if I can help friends too. I think the maximum price is 20 or 25 Tcash. Mine are at 20 Tcash and I have approx 80-100 boxes.

    I have in the past, bought barn tools from the market when spotted, or bought the last few tools to upgrade the barn when desperate for space. I will also buy the odd decoration during events. When my Tcash was low, I didn't bother.

    I never pay to open boxes or balloons. The rewards are generally not worth it to me.

    If you don't have much Tcash, then hiring him for 1 day and stocking up as Starshine suggests, is sound advice. Another suggestion is to use any Tcash won in the House of Luck to make additional purchases.

    I don't pay to speed up anything.

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    Thank you to everyone who replied! I've spent a good chunk on more market boxes, but have kept 200 or so for anytime I urgently need dealer or have the whole day to hire him. The market boxes are paying off already! had several items for my trains that would have take about 6 hours if manually produced!

    Thank you

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    I don't see hiring Raja as a way to achieve long term benefit from yout tcash. Yes, he us useful, I buy him constantly, but he is, by definition, a short term benefit.

    I think you had some sound thoughts to begin with, add an extra box or two to your busier factories, buy boxes for Raja,

    Do not waste tcash due to impatience waiting for barn parts. They do show up eventually.

    And I think you should use some of it to buy yourself a nice decoration, if there is one you've been admiring. That is something permanent and also a reminder of the gift.

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