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Thread: To Build or Not To Build? That Is The Question

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    Nana Jenny, in case you still haven't found it, the duck feeder is in the farming section. It becomes available at level 48. The Down Factory at Level 74.

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    I built the mint, because I didn't know any better, but have not intention of getting the jewellery factory any time soon. I also wish I'd put off the shoe factory until after the Asian restaurant too, but never mind. I'm level 56. I do wonder at what point coins to build factories stops being such a constant problem. Saving up for these factories is killing me.. I'm on community building hiatus every other week. I also have the dilemma of whether to spend money buying ores so I can upgrade, or whether to save it for buying the next factory. All that, plus leading a co op, is giving me major brain-ache!

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    LOL Bessville, stop worrying too much.

    Missing factories isn't a problem, provided you have adequate friends and Raja's market search. I've found the price increase in factories is steeper than the growth of your gold making capabilities, so yeah it'll remain a rate limiting step. Just look at it like that: a rate limiting step. Reduce your problem to a mere wait. And poof away goes the headache.

    I've totally all in on buying ores. I've got 500+ in storage and 3 forges burning full time. I'm now upgrading factories: + gold and +faster production only. This is all upfront investing, and you'll earn it back over time. But yeah, it's investing upfront so it's natural that your development in other areas goes a bit slower.

    I think you're doing fine. Keep the forges burning, focus on CB's and houses first, get fields growing and factories producing. That's the core and that's where you set the pace for your economy. You'll find you'll be able to afford factories over time for sure. Just not at the level you got access to them, and you don't need to either.
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    On a slightly different take to Vuurl, if you're able to cope without the factories that you have unlocked, then if I were you, I wouldn't buy any more CB's and houses, until they're needed to unlock expansions. Just because something becomes available, it doesn't mean you need it. Focus on upgrading your factories and building up your coin.

    I waited until I was ready to buy CB's and then would often have a choice of 2 or 3 available. I would usually buy the largest, as that would increase my population cap the most, then I would buy the housing needed for expansions and/or factories. I was well over level 100 before I decided to buy the remaining factories.
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    Important Question...

    I have a question...

    Would there be anything adverse to NOT building one of the animal pens? for instance, the pig shed. Without the pig shed built, will you still be asked for pig products? Has anyone else decided not to build one of the animal pens?

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    Yes you will, after you advance couple of levels.
    With the exception of mint and jewelry factory anything else you do not build will lower your regatta capabilities (this includes zoo and islands upgrades).
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    I forgot to mention I do not run regatta. I am strickly support for other team members as I do not have enough time to this. So, you think I will be stuck HAVING to build the pig pen. No way around that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by puddlejumper3k View Post
    I have a question...

    Would there be anything adverse to NOT building one of the animal pens? for instance, the pig shed. Without the pig shed built, will you still be asked for pig products?
    Yes to the latter question. In general, you can be / are asked for everything that is available at your level. Some say they haven't been, when they kept their population below the requested amount, but for me and a lot of others it's as I said before: you can, you will be asked.

    To your first question: I don't see anything that speaks PRO. You get 2 pig sheds, cos you need the bacon as basics, as in "everywhere". You can try to get enough from the market, dealer and/or Coop, but I assume it wouldn't be enough and just stress (soon). If you want to postpone any factories, I'd say do it with something else than the animals (incl. f.e. the ducks - while the factory that produces things with feathers, don't even remember its name, can be easily postponed).

    Besides, feeding your animals is a wonderful fast and easy regatta task, if you have them all.

    ETA: just saw your P.S., but leaving the last paragraph about regatta here, cos I would never say never. I've also worked and done regattas nonetheless.
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    If you are not racing you can postpone it I suppose. Build it when it starts to hurt. It won't wreck your game.
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