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Thread: Cancel Product Requests

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    Cancel Product Requests

    I am hoping you could add a button or something to cancel a product request to your co-op?!
    It sucks if you chose the wrong product, finger slips, etc then you can't request for another 3 hours. I was thinking maybe if a request is done, but no product has been received & it's within a particular time frame (10 min) then it could still be canceled. This would weed out those trying to cheat it, but give those who messed up a fair chance. And even if it was canceled maybe a request can't be made for a half hour... but 3 hours is a long time if you're trying to fill your plane!!
    This could even be useful if you've received product, but don't need the full request. Then you could cancel it after you get what you need, but then it would be 3 hours until next request.
    Please consider this!! Thank you!!

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    Please read the existing sticky thread that I like to call the No No List.

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    In this question there are two questions 😁. Time for new request, these hours is way too long, that should be easy to adjust, right???

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    There is a booster to reduce the waiting time. Whether this has proved popular enough I don't know. I'm not aware of anyone in our co-op using it.

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