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Thread: What's the best way to make coins quickly?

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    Too late for me to offer my suggestion! I go back to the basics: customer orders. But I don't waste time on anything less than 300 coins, I just cancel them. Anything in the 3-500 range that involves double-process items (for instance, pizza because you have to process the cheese before you can make the pizza, most of the pastries because you have to process sugar cane before you can make the pastry - you get the idea). I can usually up my balance around 10,000 coins fairly quickly even without a boost.

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    Mobbsy Acres
    Hi all

    Does anyone know if there is away to convert some of my money (coins) to T cash? Ranatonic from the forum suggested I could this. I wasn't aware that I could

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    Hi Mobbsy.

    There is only one way to do this. You purchase jewelry from Raja (in coins) and you sell it when the Mafia guy places an order at the heliport. Jewelry sells for TCash only and, sometimes TCash and an ingot. Most orders pay out 1 - 2 TCash each. I reject all orders that ask for an Ingot and fill the ones for TCash only.

    If you built the Jewery Store factory, do not make jewelry there, but do upgrade XP as high as you can. Every time you fill an order for jewelry from the Mafia guy, you also get XP - often very high XP. If you upgrade, the bonus added to the XP is substantial. I am upgraded to 95% - so this helps me in leveling up faster.

    I hire Raja for 10 days at a time at the discount price. Jewelry sales pay for Raja and give me quite a bit of TCash spending money.
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    Wow, great strategy! Thanks, Nana!

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    Mobbsy Acres
    Hi Nana and Graylady
    Thank you both for the advise and I have taken it on board and started buying jewellery From Raji. Great strategy. Another question, today I noticed every time I fill an order on the helicopter I get my cash and XP but it is giving me bonus coins of 7. it's not much but can you tell me why because my friend doesn't get the bonus

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    Hi Mobbsy Acres:

    If you have upgraded any of the factory for COINS?


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    Mobbsy Acres
    Great I have thanks for answering my query

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