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Thread: Put a Hold on items in barn

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    Put a Hold on items in barn

    It would be super awesome sauce if it were possible to put a hold or block on items in the barn so they could not be sold. Further more if we could set the amount to hold would be nice too. So if I need x4 sugar cubes for a loyal customer or x18 yarn for the massive unuseful snowman that I'm spending so much time on trying so hard to save up for, I won't accidently use cubes on cookies that I also need or a sweater I make to make space in my barn not thinking. I already spend so much time on this game, not having to check every one of the different areas before using an item would be awesome sauce. Thanks

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    That's all part of the game. I don't see this changing.

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    I like this idea, a lot! I do this all the time!! Hence why my snowman & cake may never be finished... and i'm constantly playing catch up with other stuff I steal items from

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