Hi ) I love your game )

I wonder if you could introduce a ZOO-like event such as olympic games - combined winter and summer, I think that would be really cool.

or, you might add a funfair (rollercoaster, shooting ducks, cafes, fish and chips, etc)

or, you could add something like an under-water world out in the seabed sharks, whales, fish-kinds, crusteatians, seaweed as decor)

you might open up the hotel (inside) for upgrading ) you might also open up the tv station, so we could make up studios )

I think Township could use a Spice Island (nutmeg, curry, pepper, vanilla, etc) ) a german restaurant (sauerkraut, sausage, schnitzel, potato salad, apfelstrudel) and indian restaurant (veg curry, raita, seafood thai green curry),mediterranean restaurant (veg/goat tagine, greek salad, baklava, bolegnese/lasagne), eletronics factory (radio, tv, phone, computers), crafts factory (paintings, sculptures, decorative china, glassware), tableware factory (cutlery, china), pickle factory, spanish reataurant (patatas bravas, crab tapas, seafood paella)

you could have another mineo coal, silicon (for glass), clay (for sculpture, china, utensils)

you could have community centers like tapas bar, pub, GP office, vet office, newspaper office, high school, magazine editor, bookstore, vege shop, tea shop, parliament, samodrome or samba school, butique, make-up butique,

new crops could include apples, cabbage, squash, basil

new farm animals - goat (for meat)

new zoo animals - albatros, bison, eagle, parrot (!!), vulture, snake, gekko, crane (chinese), wolf, deer (!!) or caribou, fox, crab, kiwi (the bird), pelican, praire dog, coyote,

new flora - tulips, olive tres, orange tree, lemon tree, jasmine tree, birch (although you already have it, partially), oak, banana tree, bamboo (!!), fern, tea, coffee, snowy pine, snowy spruce, maple (red-leaf or yellow leaf, orange leaf - whatever)

new landmarks - Hampton court, Tower of Lndon/London Bridge, Parthenon, Coloseum, Signoria of Firence or Venice, hacienda, Hagia Sofia, Hindi tample (pick your best example), Sikh temple, Golden Pavillion (Kyoto), Alhambra, Barca Cathedral, Uluru rock, Kilimanjaro

new decor - newspaper stand,

for the mountain climber - maybe some facilities for him?? )

well, that's all from me,

I wonder if anybody else would agree )))

keep up the great work ))