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Thread: 03.03 Moderators Wanted!

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    03.03 Moderators Wanted!

    Hey Gardenscapes players!

    Our forum community grows larger day by day, with new people coming here from all over the world with their ideas, problems and things to discuss.
    Managing this young and rapidly growing community is certainly a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to learn a great deal, make new friends and help hundreds of people. So we figured some of you you’d be interested in becoming a part of our forum team! Here’re a few things to keep in mind if you’re intrigued:

    Pros of being a moderator:
    *Be in charge of the whole Gardenscapes forum branch and help dozens of people every day
    *Be the first to learn about future plans and upcoming changes in the game
    *Get extra bonuses from Playrix for your help
    *Wear a cool title

    Your tasks will include:
    *Helping Gardenscapes players with their requests, concerns & feedback;
    *Moderating Gardenscapes Forum (trashing spam, merging & closing threads, etc.);
    *Being involved, active and always ready to jump in discussions and help;
    *Staying in touch with me and other admins.

    In order to apply, you should meet the following requirements:
    *Kindness, friendliness and willingness to help out
    *Active, daily participation on the forum
    *Good knowledge and understanding of the game and its features
    *Experience of being a moderator is an advantage, but not required

    How to apply?
    If you decided to apply to be a moderator, just post a reply to this thread with a small CV about you and your history with Gardenscapes, including a few details about your Time Zone and anything else you consider relevant. Our forum team will review every CV and choose the one who we think would fit this position best

    We're looking forward to all of your replies and CV’s and hope that together we can find a new member for our team. Apply today to make life on forum better for every player and really make a difference in our community!

    If you have any questions about the moderator position or the application in general, you can always send me a PM.

    - Nataly
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    Hello my name is Sarah Brown and I would love to be an admin for this game I play all the time I can help with concerns and questions I'm a stay-at-home mom so I could always be here to help. I am located in Sarasota Florida I'm 42 years old married with 3 children if you could see the time that I spend playing your game I would be a perfect fit! I hope that you consider me for this position it would be absolutely thrilling!!!

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    Hello.... I am alekhya. I am 25 years old. I live in +5.30 GST. I am almost free everyday..i love playing this game and i would like to join the forum community. Thanks

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    Hi Nataly!

    I would like to express my interest in the position of forum moderator.

    I am a kind, patient and emphatic individual that absolutely loves to help people. I'm an avid Gardenscapes player, playing the game daily and thoroughly enjoying the theme and concept of the game. Having almost reached level 1000 of the game I feel I have some experience to offer to newcomers.
    I am currently unemployed but starting up my own business from home, therefore I have lots of time to dedicate to the forums.
    I have little experience being a forum moderator. Only some general moderating in the game Tribal Wars, however I am a fast learner. I feel my ability to learn quickly through perseverance and determination will be an asset to your team.

    I'm a British expat living in Northern Sweden for 4 years. I'm 26 years old and I am able to speak and write English fluently, and Swedish almost fluently.

    I do hope that you consider me for the task of forum moderator.
    My contact email address is:

    Kindest regards
    Sasha Larsson.

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    To anyone posting here. Please tell Nataly how long you have been playing and your level in the game. It will give her an idea of your experience with the game. Do you have any friends in the game ?

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    Hello my name is Keyra. Im 26 and live on the east cost. I am a stay at home mom with some collage. I play your 2 garden games every day. I would love to join your team and help in what ever way i can.

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    I just posted an application here but it is not showing up in the thread. I went to my profile and it says I haven't made any posts. Do I need to write my application again?

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    Hello my name is Patricia, i am at home nearly all day and I play nearly every hour, I live in England, and on level 177 I have about five friends but they are not always active, I send lives everyday.
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    Hi Sasha

    I am afraid you will have to write it again. When we take too long to write our message, the forums log us out. When you will send your message again, check the middle of the screen after you click send. If you see that you cannot post because you are not log in, look for the link "GO Advanced" at the bottom right. Click on it and you will be able to log back in without loosing your long text.

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    Hi Nataly,

    My name is Nur Hannah Bte A. R. and i live in Singapore GMT (UTC+08:00). This year, I am 17 years old and I would like to experience and challenge myself to become a Gardenscapes Moderator. Even though, I may be young. I have experience being a moderator on an app called Carousell. This is an opportunity to strive higher and have more experience with a team that is filled with kind and determined people to make Gardenscapes even better. By the way, I have currently reached level 602 and my garden is becoming more beautiful each day! Thank you so much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Yours sincerely,
    Nur Hannah
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