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Thread: Banned from the Game

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    Queenbeen, good luck to you, too. Hopefully, we will see our townships unblocked soon!

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    To all of you...thanks for info and sympathy.... I sympathise back at you..... I opened the game up on my phone and while I still have no reply from them I feel the message sent through the Android phone got through how it should get through.
    As a long term Farmville player I am used to getting problems solved in a few hours... a day tops ...the idea I might be out of the game for weeks or never get in again is very annoying, I should certainly be refunded the £4.50 (ish) that I spent the previous is surely robbery when they take things from you that you have paid for.... and surely if they don't solve the problem nor contact you about it then they are very dodgy and in the real world i'd be off to the a lawyer and suing them for slander... I am not after all a cheat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queenbeen View Post
    Sorry for assuming you are staff here. You answer just about any post and seem to have inside info...isn't it natural to assume you are?
    Please kindly understand our frustration and outrage to this injustice. Your apparent giggling on how fast you play how much cash you accumulate etc. and don't get caught, only increases our disenchantment.
    Hopefully I just misunderstood; did you adress your last sentence to Graylady?
    Furthermore I recommend to reconsider your wording at all, your "Gestapo" comparison is most vulgar.
    Complaining about unjustice while behaving worst yourself, probably not the best way to ask for sympathy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Hi Queenbeen. You really owe Graylady an apology. She is not now nor has she ever been a Playrix employee. What she IS - a devoted and helpful and technically astute player who does all she can to help all players with issues as much as possible.

    Addressing your personal anger and animosity to her personally is out of place and uncalled for.
    May I also add - to share information to new players - that Graylady was a moderator for a very long time (without any pay) and provided support to players (literally thousands of times) during some of the hardest times of this game's life, when Playrix was overwhelmed and and unable to respond. Frankly, I think she kept this game afloat at one point in its history!
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    I have also been banned since last update. I have no skills or.knowledge of how to cheat-have never done so and never would. Have played game for 2 years and love it. Just want to be reinstated so can carry on. Have not done anything illegal. P lease help

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    Hi Jill,

    I am sorry that it happened to you, too. Guess we are all in the same boat

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    Thank you Hellenville. my town must be so full of gifts, notices etc.
    I wonder what would happen when and if we are released from jail.
    Let's keep hoping

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    That lawyer thought crossed my mind too, all the money ive spent!, I just bought 15 dollars worth of money 1 hour before they banned me and twenty dollars the day before to get all those new decorations for fishing and that's just the last two days, spent alot more than that in the past year, doesnt seem very smart to wrong some of your top paying players of the game, dont know if ill be willing to put any money in it any more if they do fix it because ill be scared it will just happen again!

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    Hi Jill,
    Yes, it is horrible and so unfair. I know what you are going thru. xx

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    I too am so sad about what my co op must think you get really attached to them u know!? How can I even get back in? Will my spot be taken already?

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