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Thread: Banned from the Game

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    Jackey, I'm with you too. It's been two weeks for me and no care attention or consideration of any kind from support, in fact, it is total mental cruelty since they seem to be laughing at us. I have sent at least 30 requests, posted screenshots of my purchase history. Raved, ranted and pleaded and all I get is robotic info asking to use the support button in settings. It is a slap in the face. How can you do that when you are banned? It strikes me that there might be criminal intentions here. Why do they keep asking for Apple, Amazon and Playstore personal docs from us?
    I feel for those who have spent actual money in this unscrupulous people. We must report their behavior.
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    Your reply doesn't help us Graylady.
    It seems that staff is immune to the faulty police who have no regards for people's feelings or health. If you have an iota of influence in this matter, I hope is to seriously request immediate release of our towns and develop an accurate cheating detector to avoid injustices with faithful players.
    All playrix really cares about is to gain profit and clearly shows you couldn't care less about honest people or anybody for that matter.
    Your detection method should be stopped right now and be re-evaluated, re invented or have non at all until you do
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    I am no Playrix staff and have no power or communcation with them. Just another player trying to help the best I can.

    You do not like my answer, so be it. Nothing I can do about that. I can understand you are mad at them but leave me out of it please.
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    I was just banned today myself. Why??? How do I find out why? I have done nothing wrong. They should have to tell us why we were banned and a chance to rebuttal their charges. But no, they just say your banned and your done. I feel this was done in error and needs to be reviewed. They don't respond to any of my attempts to contact them. I spent lots of money on this game and they just kicked me to the curb and ignored me. Very disappointing...

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    Hello, I feel for you because I'm in the same situation. 2 weeks now and no real response or humane treatment. Anastasia also responded to me via email but with another robotic automated response. It is extremely frustrating and downhearted. They clearly show no interest in falsely accused and banned innocent players. It seems their detection system is so faulty it just bans anybody who plays fast or happily.

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    I too have been falsely accused and banned! It is because of a faulty system they put to work.
    We must demand that their badly configured cheating detector be stopped an have a re invention, re evaluation and responsible usage, instead of exercising cruelty and disregard for faithful innocent players like us.

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    Hi Queenbeen,

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    The message I received from Anastasia via email was an automated response as well, instructing me "to contact them directly from the game using the "Help and support" button in the game settings". And I can't even access game settings because I am banned from the game completely!
    The most frustrating thing about this situation is that you are totally helpless and can't do anything, you are totally at the mercy of those Customer Support guys. And they don't seem to be willing to resolve their paying customers' problems
    I've been emailing them on a regular basis, but to no avail so far...

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    Hi Queenbeen. You really owe Graylady an apology. She is not now nor has she ever been a Playrix employee. What she IS - a devoted and helpful and technically astute player who does all she can to help all players with issues as much as possible.

    Addressing your personal anger and animosity to her personally is out of place and uncalled for.
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    Sorry for assuming you are staff here. You answer just about any post and seem to have inside info...isn't it natural to assume you are?
    Please kindly understand our frustration and outrage to this injustice. Your apparent giggling on how fast you play how much cash you accumulate etc. and don't get caught, only increases our disenchantment.

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    Hello Hellensville,
    I really don't know what else to do. I guess this is one of those hideous lessons in patience, but even that runs out. What is really apauling is their total disregard for our pleas.
    Hope we can meet again under happier sircumstances, till then, I wish us luck

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