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Thread: Banned from the Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaChow View Post
    I was unfairly banned today, 5/13/20. I have never cheated during my 4 years of playing. All t cash and coins earned through normal game play. I sent an in game message to developers but the coversation is closed and won't let me reply further. The conversation id #7986505

    Town name: $HH$ Chow Chow Hops,
    Level : 209
    Co op : Helpy Helpertons
    Co op Code: HEW4RX
    Friend Code: 46Q4AQ

    While sending helicopters playing the transportation event, my town was unfairly banned.
    I play the game from the moment I wake until I go to sleep. I have been playing Township for 4 years and I have never opted out of a regatta. I am retired and township is my sole hobby. I have been in the same co op for 3 years. Everything I have in my town is from hard work and years of playing honestly.

    Thank you for your time & consideration,
    What's happening with this guys???
    There has to be a problem with the game, so many people been banned. I was banned last Saturday, 6/13/20. I have never cheated too, playing since 2018. I bought a lot of cash and have all receipts to prove it. I sent a bunch of msgs in game and suddenly the start to answer in Russian!!!
    So I tried emails, but they are ignoring me.
    Today I tried to enter the game and a popup appeared saying that they reviewed my case an determined the system was right to block me, but didn't said the REASON.
    I'm retired too, game is my hobby specially in these lockdown days. The support and customer service sucks, no respect with us.
    My town name is Annasville, my level is 81 and I was leader of co op Wolfpack

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    Unfortunately this has been happening since the start of the game.
    This thread started in 2017, so that says...Playrix are not going to fix it..they don’t care!
    Sorry everyone, the only thing you can do is continue to try contacting them over and over. Bug the hell out of them til they fix your game.
    One player has a thread going and has managed to get unbanned, so it is possible but you have to nag, nag and then nag some more.
    Good luck everyone.

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