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Thread: I can't have friends

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    Invitation code

    I have a problem and where the invitation code is suposed to be there's a blank space. And other problem is that my Facebook friends doesn't appear in the game

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    I don't know why the invitation code isn't there.

    Your Facebook friends who play this game will show up only when both you and your FB friends have connected their games to Facebook. They don't have to be currently playing, just previously connected the game and FB.

    If your game shows you already are connected to Facebook, then try disconnecting and connect again.

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    I had similar incident, I disconnected and reconnected, my friends still do not appear

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    Im having the same type of issue, I did a reset on my computer & after awhile finally got my town back because thankfully it was linked to facebook, but lost my co op & all my friends & have tried disconnecting & reconnecting but still cant get my co op back

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