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Thread: June update

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    Was the length of time on the generous customer booster changed from 3 days to 2 days or is my memory that bad? I seem to recall it being the same as the vibrant market but now it only lasts 2 days.

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    Danno... It changed with this update...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    Hey guys,

    Sorry for not posting here lately. Did everyone get the latest issue of The Township News?

    Attachment 594

    Nana, I guess I'll be busy redesigning my town too.. Especially this area:

    Attachment 596

    As for your suggestion on the new boat selections, I have already sent it to the developers
    To the Forum,
    Talk about somebody laughing out loud! When I saw that message…. I instantly imagined the forum's reaction personified as Gollum from Lord of the Rings! "The preciouuUUUuuuUUuuss"! LMAO I must be the only person who thought the tree looked cool. I liked the swerve in the trunk. Yeah, maybe the hue & bush shape can come off over powering to certain eyes. But serves ya right when you over indulge.

    To the admins & devs
    The bowling hall was my "cherry blossom tree", my favorite redesign was the tree house... took me a little bit to figure out the new temporary building save tool, but I eventually got it. It's helpful. Game Play Tip: I'd use it in small doses. You'll save yourself from time and frustration being overwhelmed by too much. Don't hold more then 8 - 10 items at a time. Also, situate all edit mode commands [roads/decorations] before using the tool so you're not jumping back and forth, if you're temporary saving a lot of buildings.

    Overall, I enjoyed the update. A LOT of awesome new decorations! Favorites being the boats, cascade fountain & Sydney Opera House, but the first new item I purchased was the tea house. Great addition, you guys continue to hear the community while also improving ideas to progress the game. I also like that the tea house is a decoration and not a community building. After the harbor update, I expected a lot of new features to raise land value for the coast and sea. Keep up the great work implementing elements for our town's coast and ocean. Love the water tube in the rubber factory. Reconfirms it's location in my town, but the toy truck should of got cut, not the tire.

    Adding the city signs was a slam dunk! I look forward to seeing more options moving forward.

    A few wish items:
    - Brown stone style houses designed like the "High Rise With An Attic","Light House" & "Residential Complex". Able to flip wide or snug.
    - a "Residential Complex" styled home but sized like a medium version of the "Single Family House".
    - customizing our barns & city halls similar to how we customize our city signs.
    - cycling different background in game music
    - please make level 100's community building a AWESOME must have!
    - will the Harbor be able to move? [Can the Admins please send a reply]

    To Injun City's Friends List,
    the June update threw a curve ball when I noticed the maps NW area expanded. That single change, caused a "earthquake". Had to up root that entire area which ultimately lead to Injun City version 5.

    - the mine and foundries are in a flush & solid location along the mountain side.
    - train station has a subtle entrance from the tracks and under pass road into the town.
    - Injun City has a smoother transition between industrial, commercial, residential, and wooded areas. Best to date.
    - new isolated property for the university, academy, & lab to focus the growth of Injun City.
    - the furniture and shoe factories are in a flush & solid location to compliment their building design.
    - the women in the tailor shop now have a great view of the downtown strip.
    - security for Injun City's art gallery & museum has beefed up with the new positioning of the police station.
    - although our bay and beach has deconstructed, construction teams are rapidly working. Larry the Snowman will soon return chilling right near dee beach!

    Send a Like if you enjoyed your visit!
    Great update, Happy towning! Peace
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riversong View Post
    Thanks for the new update, always great to have new Land available!

    The are some fabulous new decorations, I particularly love the boats, teahouse and cascade fountain.

    Great to finally see some activity in the circus tent, now how about some kids sliding down that fantastic water slide? Or an audience in the sports stadium doing a Mexican wave? Those are just a couple of my suggestions that I feel would really enhance the look of this fantastic game!

    I must be the only player who actually likes the new scarecrow, it reminds me of the scarecrows in an episode of Dr Who 'family of blood'. Please let them Stay! I also love the new treehouse, I always thought the previous one looked a little bit puny.

    The dayglo hot pink colour really glares and spoils the look of the music store, happy for that to go back to what it was. Shame this colour was also applied to the new blossom tree, I think the design of the new tree is fine and could possibly work with a different colour foilage, perhaps,white or rust... But like the majority I would love the old cherry tree back.

    Glad to see some new little peeps in town, always a pleasure!

    In fact, the only thing I'm seriously disappointed with is now the bonus feature to speed up production now excludes the foundries. I think this needs to be reinstated as the ingame demand for ingots far outweighs the practical ability to produce the numbers needed to progress.

    The developers should know that this was an aspect of the game that was really appreciated by all players, without it the booster function is too limited and expensive!

    Best wishes


    Just read your post. I share similar likes and dislikes. The circus has just moved on my purchase list, while the scare crow's sleek redesign fits better and stands out as it should against the crops. I love the stadium animation idea, some confetti or action would work wonders. I'm still waiting patiently for the Rocket Ride to rotate too. I wish the music shop had a orange or yellow look to it. Something similar to oak wood paneling.

    I've only used the lab twice in one setting, never noticed the adjustment. My guess, the speed bonus feature was excluded from the foundries maybe to balance game mechanics and details on the business end. The community flew through the last event [probably respectfully because of the boost], so based on that example and all that we know about the game itself, the bootless foundries maybe one of those "necessary evils" to preserve gameplay interest, preventing us from being bored or the game plateauing.

    but regardless on my reply, I just wanted to compliment your good eye. I'll be visiting your town soon. Peace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    Danno... It changed with this update...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    Oh.. Now I got it. Thanks for clarifying that! I guess it's just the time to ask the developers about it I will get back to you shortly.
    Hi, did I miss an answer for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amina View Post
    Hi, did I miss an answer for this?
    Hi Amina,

    I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long! As for your question, you're right. Indeed, the speed up boost for the Foundry was temporarily blocked. However, our developers are informed about this issue and they will gladly restore it in the next update since we received some requests from our customers about it before

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liza Makhina View Post
    Hi Amina,

    I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long! As for your question, you're right. Indeed, the speed up boost for the Foundry was temporarily blocked. However, our developers are informed about this issue and they will gladly restore it in the next update since we received some requests from our customers about it before
    Great news. Thanks a lot

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