I was wondering why of all the basic food with weat, corn and sugarcane that are used to feed animals, the carrot is the only one who is not used to do anything else than feeding the animals?
- Weat is used to feed all animals and also used in all bakery products, most pastries and also at the snack factory (granola) and Mexican restaurant (burrito).
- Corn is used to feed cows, sheeps, pigs and also used at the snack factory to make popcorn and corn chips and at the mexican restaurant for nachos and tacos.
- Sugarcane is used to feed bees and used in all sugar factory products to then help help produce all pastry or bakery products.
- Carrot is used to feed chicken, sheeps and pigs and that's it. No other use than feeding animals? Why such a discrepancy between these 3 main animal feeding ingredients? Why not make the carrot be used as ingredient at some factories?

-> Add the carrot cake at the bakery (or at the pastry factory) to at least give an another use to the carrot than to feed animal.
Carrot cake is very common and delicious, I make myself carrot cake once a month and you can purchase that in many food stores! I stand for the carrot cake, and the I justice made to the carrot for not being used for anything else than to feed animals. It is unfair! Carrot makes delicious carrot cakes, could also make carrot juice, soup, mash, etc...