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Thread: Connection lost

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    Connection lost

    I get the message "connection lost" while i am on WiFi but also on data. I had a lot of sented lives from friends but now i have nothing more, all is gone and the failiure message all the time. Please help!!

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    Ik heb het zelfde probleem

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    I also have the same message with regular internet connection and wifi. I play on my desktop computer only. I haven't tried to reinstall the game. Don't want to lose progress.

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    接続してるにも関わらず再起動して ガーデンスケイプのみが、接続が切 ましたって出ます。  後、Facebook フレンドになってる人が全員表示さ れてません。ライフの送り合いした のに出来ないフレンドさんが数名居 す

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    After the newest update, I get the same problem as many others. So please do something about that.

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    I too have been getting this same error message. It just started happening today. What do we do about it? Has the game developers given any insight or clues to what is going on? Are they going to fix it? I tried to report the issue, but that connection was lost as well. All of my other games on Facebook work just fine. HELP!

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    Not sure if this is a gardenscapes problem only. I have connecting issues with one of my other facebook games right now. Maybe the facebook server is down?

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    I am also having the same error message. Game starts to load then stops. All other games are fine. Mine also started today

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    I have exactly the same problem. Just that I reinstalled the app and lost all my progress. ..

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    Same thing just started happening. What is going on, my internet, for a change is working fine.

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