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Thread: Candle Power!

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    Candle Power!

    I have never experienced anything like this before in this game, but every single helicopter request for the past 40 or 50 (with the exception of the mob guy) has wanted a candle. Not a singe exception. I don't even have enough population to have built the factory yet (let alone the coins), so I've run through 5 batches of 9 from the dealer, and whatever the market randomly provides. Very weird, though.

    Have any of you had a run like this? In my experience the requests usually went easy on items you couldn't make, but not this time. Ouch.

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    SuzyD: just taking a wild guess - the more candles you buy from Raja and orders you fill, the more the game will ask of you. You should have deleted those orders or most of them, to break the cycle.
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    I never run into something similar. I agree with Nana. I know I would have deleted a lot of these repetitive orders.
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