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Thread: my regatta just stopped and says loading data

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    my regatta just stopped and says loading data

    What happened

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    Mine too, can't finish task, hope it will sort itself out soon

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    Me three! After the update notification, I haven't been able to load the regatta nor my coop chat....

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    When the Regatta ship does load, I can not dump tasks. UGH!!!!!!!!!

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    Me too.... and I reloaded the game on my phone and all of the data was lost unlike what was said in FAQ... at least I still have current game on my ipad..

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    Add me to the disappeared after clearing data (dumb me thinking that would help ) and now back to level 1 (I'm on level 117) also had 4 tasks completed and working on 5th before yet another problem with this game...
    It's getting old Playrix


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    Having the same issue, co-op, regatta, co-op convos, going too other towns.

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    Same here. Mine is back up now!

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    Yeah, mine is doing the same! I was just completing a task for the regatta when everything disappeared! Hope they keep my stats. Have you heard any news about this situation?

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    Me too! In my iPad i looding data and my iPhone is Back to level 1 , its only In Apple this problem?

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