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Thread: Co-op not loading or working

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    I am the leader of my co op Dream Squad. I can not see my chat, couple members can not get their task to says "Loading data" . All members who have this problem have cleared cache and restarted tablets/phones. I am having problems myself. Why did you do this Playrix during a REGATTA????

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    We have the same problem. Someone have update but someone not, and all about us have the same problem.

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    Same here I spoke too soon now it's back to loading again

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    Me too, just say data loading, frustrating I could be finishing task

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    I update today, and i have problems! Come on, we can't play like this!

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    I have the same problems and my co-op friends too. Something goes wrong.
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    У всех игроков с которыми я общаюсь в соцсетях такие проблемы. Надеюсь в этот раз это не приведет к провалам заданий и потере рейтинга. А то уже надоедают такие обновления игры =((
    Утки у меня теперь с чем-то плохим ассоциируются =(

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    Up and down, up and down.....can't start new task. Annoying

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    Prior to the Spring Update my cooperation screen went blanc, message board ditto. After update I hoped all would be O.K. but alas, nothing changed. Can't work on my Regatta Tasks. All I see is the message loading when I try to open the Task Screen. I know it's only a Game and there are more important things to worry about, but loosing the progress is not one of the finest things. So please let all come back as it was.
    Kind regards

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    Everybody in my coop is having the same problem. Cannot load chat, Regatta, coop, or visit other towns. Bad update today!!!!! Please fix!

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