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Thread: 28.02 New Update

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    When can MAC OS players expect the update?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nataly Kuzmina View Post
    Hey, Townshippers!

    Spring is coming tomorrow and now you can celebrate it with the latest update of the game! Check out all the amazing new content we've prepared:



    Is there a date fixed for the update for MAC OS?

    KOOP "iMACExchange" MAC OS
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    NO FISHING TIME, DUCK TIME OR... REGATTA UPDATES ...there seems to be no answers from Playrix to these questions. We are especially interested in * More detailed regatta stats: check how many tasks each co-op buddy dumped.

    PLEASE, PLEASE have the decency to respond. ... THANK YOU! look forward to hearing from you asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talpa View Post
    When will mac users be able to join in the fun?

    Why is it Playrix every time someone asks about when are we going to get an update for the MacBook platform there is always a deathly silence from you.???

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    Dear Mac Players,

    The new Township Mac update is going to be released April 20th.

    We are thankful for your patience!
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    Thanks Anastasia for your prompt reply and letting us MacBook players know the date of the next update.

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    My 75 year old mum has also been banned.
    This is a BIG problem for the developers. I have done research and discovered many many players are in same position. .accused of cheating and banned.

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    comments regarding the fishing event:

    1. I have to say that many of us who play this game are home with health problems and we found the actual fishing to be difficult and not very fun since it required really nimble fingers. I and others think it would be fairer if events were planned to accomodate people with health issues etc. I play the game as part of a treatment plan to practice certain things and to keep my brain sharp etc. I know others in my co-op have health problems / arthritis and the fishing itself was not very enjoyable.

    2. Some of us really thought it was quite unfair to ask us to pay for extra factory boxes in the tackle shop escpecially when the prices kept increasing to such a very high extent. Makes no sense to be spending soooo much tcash only to win very little even if we come in first place etc.

    3. Having a fishing event was a very fun idea but we feel it was very poorly executed. So please keep the idea but it would be nice if the way it was executed would be drastically changed.
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    Please reply to this question, a lot people are upset over this🇳🇿

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    For Horse Lovers township needs to build something to do with horses.

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    I need to know how to get the new version. Of township on my phone and stay at level 61, is that possible? Help. I am a loyal township. Player I love it

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