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Thread: stone bridges

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    stone bridges

    Hello, I am Nora from Scotland. Can cars go over stone bridges.

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    As pedestrians can walk over wooden roads over water, it would be nice if cars could do the same, instead of always turning around!

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    So far, cars can't cross on any bridge.

    The devs are aware we want a real bridge in our game, so maybe we will see one in the future.
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    Actually, one of Admins (Kuen?) said a few weeks ago that they were working on the bridge issue. Don't know if they are progressing with it, or not.
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    Rick McEntire
    Hello Nora from Scotland! And hello Storm.

    Welcome to the forum. As Graylady and Nana have suggested, keep waiting for bridge improvements.

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    Thank you for info. Will be great once that happens! Storm

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