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Thread: 14.05 New Update

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    14.05 New Update

    Hey Townshippers,

    We're thrilled to introduce an all-new Township update packed with improvements:

    New features:
    * New special building: Laboratory—use it to temporarily increase crop yields, speed up factory production, and much more
    * New in-game currency: Gems—receive topazes, emeralds, and other gems for sending planes at the airport
    * New factory: Perfume Factory
    * 3 new Community Buildings: Canine Center, Kindergarten, and Bank
    * New house: Single-family House
    * New plant: Rose
    * 6 new recipes: now you can produce Scented Soap, Aromatherapy Candles, Perfume, Soft Lotion, Rose Jam, and Rose Sorbet
    * New landscape type: Winter
    * New pavement type
    * 17 new decorations: various topiaries, trees, and city fountains as well as another statue for the Walk of Fame—the First Tourist!
    Community-requested features:
    * One more Chicken Coop added
    * 20 new expansions added
    Other improvements:
    * 14 new artifact collections for the Seafarer’s Finds exhibition now available at the City Museum
    * Many visual improvements as well as some minor issue fixes
    * You can now move buildings around in Edit mode by simply tapping an empty spot

    Thanks for playing Township! Stay tuned for more!

    P.S. The update is now available for iOS, Android and Kindle users. The update for Mac users will be out in a week from now.
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    The best update produced so far. Ticks every box imaginable, brought back enormous fun to the game along with interesting challenges. Many little details for players to find along with the big bells and whistles stuff. Both Ralph and I got a little choked up over some of it - the new sign foundation (me), the railroad crossing underpass (Ralph) - brought back memories of requests made long ago and far away and now, voilà!

    Cannot express my thanks loud enough!!!!!
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    Me too Nana and Ralph

    Even though it seems I'm no longer a member of the Forum and can't seem to get the help from Admin I need. Up until last night I was chic121 senior member with lots of posts and friends.

    So I just want to agree with everything you said Nana on the update....... It's mega mega brill and thank everyone concerned...
    No idea if I will get back on here in my proper form, but if not take care you guys. Happy Playing !!!

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    superb! Superb! thank you soooo much. So exciting! Just one question.. The 'pheasant' topiary - isn't it a peacock?

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    Chic: at least you are able to read and post in the interim until everything is fixed.
    Join Date: June 2014
    Level 159
    Zoo Level 45
    IOS - iPad Air

    Co-Op: Sogno Mare (Sea Dream) - Sail only for certain rewards.
    Town: Far Niente Bay

    Ideas That Cannot Be Implemented At This Time (Or Ever)

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    Sigh, I guess the MacOS players will have to wait again for another week...But I am looking forward to reading what you folks say about the update

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    Stunning! also love the new splash screen with the windswept sheep As soon as I get more cash (Asian restaurant, 2 houses) I'll spring for the lab!

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    Hi, I think the update all and all is pretty good, it is much nicer, different buildings e.t.c. The only problem I have is that it takes over 2 minutes to visit friends, before visiting friends was instant. Major flaw in my opinion.
    Thank you.
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    Kuen & Company.... Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! I finally got my bridge/tunnel to the Event Center, Graylady got her Gazebo, and Nana got her roses (in 2 colors, no less)... This update is the best one yet!!!

    On a side note... Could someone explain the Airport leaderboard; how does it work, what real purpose does it serve...

    And, by the way... Did I happen to mention how much I love this update...

    Drinks at the pub tonight for the devs... First round is on me (just as soon as I find enough gems to pay for it)... KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just noticed since the new update, my avatar is no longer a generic silhouette, it now shows my lovely big red London routemaster bus with it's muscle arm!
    I must say I've never played a game where the feedback from players is recognised and implemented as much as it can be.

    I am beyond delighted, thanks and please keep up your fantastically creative work Playrix!

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