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Thread: Cancel crafting

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    Cancel crafting

    I believe we need a way to cancel items that are being queued up. I was in the process of trying to make as much bread as I could and in my haste I accidentally put a cookie there. The cookie is next in line to be made but is not currently being made. Since it is not currently being made there should just be a little option for me to drag the cookie to the cookie and then a pop-up do you want to cancel? And if I choose to cancel the items are returned to my barn. Now because of this snafu I am stuck waiting a time. For a stupid cookie that I don't even need at the moment which is freaking annoying. Such a simple thing that has been overlooked.

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    Hi Gary. This request is made several times a week. Playrix has ruled out the ability to cancel queued items. See link in my signature for other things that will not be changed.

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    I think it would change the nature of the game if it was allowed. This is a strategy game remember and sometimes I myself have queued up a lot of slow production items, only to find that my next train needed something else.

    I think part of strategy is to plan ahead and predict what might be needed etc. We don't want the game too easy. I vote no.

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    If it was allowed, there'd be no game. Just toss a bunch of stuff in the queues and then cancel the things that are int he way of finishing things you do need. There is no challenge in that.

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