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Thread: Choosing Your Friends Wisely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picmin View Post
    Alors je suis très contente de toujours te compter parmi mes amis malgré mes ridicules 35% ! ������
    Master Of Puppets #NMMY6M

    So I am very happy to always count you among my friends despite my ridiculous 35%!

    Eh bien, cela montre que rien n’est totalement infaillible, car vous êtes l’un de mes amis sur qui je peux compter pour m'aider.
    Je suis heureux de vous compter comme un ami aussi


    Well it just shows nothing is completely foolproof as you are one of my friends I can rely on to help me.
    I am happy to count you as a friend also
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    OP's stat / ratio is a nice bit of fun. I calculated mine

    Like any maths ratio though it's not that useful in isolation. You usually need a few different ratios together to get a proper picture.

    Here's a few reasons why OPs ratio isn't accurate for me the way I play these days LOL

    1) Some people hate helicopter orders so have a very low count. I didn't particularly like them to be honest in early days. I also preferred hot products at the zoo.

    2) These days my helicopter is one of my favourite toys in the game LOL I have quite a high count, even though I help people as much as I can.

    3) Style of play

    If I've nothing to do in the game - much more common now the zoo has been nerfed - I spend a little time just filling orders

    I use the technique a lot where you fill an order visit a friend, fill an order visit a friend etc etc. So that every time you've visited a friend your helicopter is back waiting for you when you return. That way you can fill orders at speed without waiting around for your helicopter to return.

    It's not that that difficult to hit 100 orders in say 10 minutes. It can be fun to see how quickly you can fill them too. There's also even an achievement for how many in 30 mins. Though 30 mins doing this is above my attention span LOL.

    I also have a fairly large well stocked barn and large market which I regularly buy out products not crops, so can basically just keep filling orders for minutes on end

    I start off with the exclamation tab of people needing help. So fill an order, help a friend, fill an order, help a friend.

    Problem is, while I can average say 10 heli orders a minute and say hit 100 heli orders in 10 minutes. I simply don't have anywhere near that number of friends who need help to end up with a ratio like OP measures and I soon run out of "helpees". I end up just visiting the last friend again and again because no-one else needs help LOL

    4) Facebook plays a big part and also vastly distort numbers. For a long time my FB friends were mainly friends in the real world that happened to play Township. I didn't do like many people do and befriend every person and their dog just to get my number of friends up. So I was largely limited to 50 friends + 20 or so coop members plus a handful of friends on FB.

    So all told around 80 people max I could help even if they were online all the time, all asking for help and no-one else filling their orders.

    So you can see how if I fill 100 orders in 10 minutes I'm going to struggle to help 100 times in 10 minutes, even though I'd like to LOL

    Back to OP

    In an ideal world I'd actually have a ratio close to 100%, and be an ideal friend. As a core strategy is actually to alternate filling orders then helping friends in equal measure. LOL
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