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Thread: March Update Nearing

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    March Update Nearing

    We have Sneak Peek #1 on FB and in our News today, so I am assuming the March update will release early next week? Hope so.

    Peek #1: More town signs (sigh).

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    We typically get 3 or sometimes 4 sneak peeks before an update, so since there are 5 days left in February, I was surprised to see an update already. If things go as they normally go, the update should be Monday or Tuesday, which will still be February. Kinda confused about that

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    Sneak Peek 2 - A Duck Feeder!!!! Looks interesting - at least it is not a factory?

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    It is cute! Wonder what products we will get out of them. Will it need a new factory or integrate new products in the existing ones ? I can see a winter coat with feathers down in the Taylor Shop. Duck meat in the Asian Restaurant. Feather pillows in the Furniture Factory. What else could we make ?

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    I shudder to think of all the outraged commenters if Playrix dares to have duck on any menus. They barely were able to get away with pork products. We could perhaps use duck eggs in recipes. I agree that feather pillows might be a good product.

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    It appears we feed them bagels and bread, and collect feathers and down.

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    The duck feeder looks adorable and I love the idea of brand new products to make in my I just have to figure out where I'm going to put the thing (or 2 or 3 of them, assuming they're like the other animal barns and feeders we have.)

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    Since Easter is later this year (mid-April instead of late March), I am curious about what the Special March Event theme will be. Spring flowers, perhaps? Anyone have any ideas? I doubt Playrix would do a St. Patrick's Day theme, for a multitude of reasons.

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    Sneak peek 3 - Down Feather Factory

    So....yet another factory. So much for "creativity" designers/developers. You seem stuck in a rut about what to do in Township, so why not another factory! Good grief.

    New town signs - meh

    Duck feeder - cute

    Feather factory - ugh. As Graylady pointed out earlier, the duck feather products could easily be incorporated into already existing factories.

    I was hoping Township updates would improve in 2017. Sigh.
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    The new factory (and I like factories) will definitely make things more difficult for me space-wise unless Playrix opens more land options right in the area where I have all my feeders and factories. My main concern is how many duck feeders will be available and whether I'll have to clear a lot more area for multiples of them. Plus the factory. Ugh.

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