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Thread: Advanced Search Option for Cooperative

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    Advanced Search Option for Cooperative

    Recently i had some big issues searching for a suitable cooperative, and finally settled in a coop (cooperative) that doesn't speak my language.
    And while searching for cooperatives, i found this pattern in search tab for cooperative:

    Cooperative where my friends are at top.
    Then cooperative that speaks my language and players are of my level.
    Then only those cooperative who speaks my language.

    And i cameup with idea that we should be able to specify advanced search options for a cooperative like:

    Tickbox: Search only for those cooperatives that speaks my language
    Textbox: cooperative name
    Textbox: cooperative league
    Numberbox: cooperative average help (sum of help of all members/number of members)
    (Search results can display nearby figures as well)
    Numberbox: average level of players in the cooperative (search results can diaplay nearby figures as well)
    Tickbox: only cooperatives where my friends are.
    Two numberbox: to specify minimum and maximum number of players in a cooperative you want to search fof
    Numberbox: to specify minimum Required level of the cooperative
    Tickbox: to see if cooperative is Open/closed for joining, asking for permission to join comes under open category.
    Tickbox: only cooperatives i can join (it will search for cooperatives that has less then 30 members, is open to join and the cooperatives the matches your level with minimum required level.)

    Players can view cooperatives as they want, or they can go for advanced searching of cooperatives for finding a suitable one.

    Please give your suggestions and feedbacks everyone.
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    bump, i think this thread deserves more attention.
    @kuen pham , please review this thread.

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    bump, i think this thread deserves more attention.
    @kuen pham , please review this thread.

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    Bump, i think this thread needs more consideration.

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    I see it showing as having had 70 views. This is my 2nd view (because you bumped it), so at least 35 people looked at this. Perhaps, like me, no one else is looking for this and hence no other feedback.

    I never searched for a co-op. I created my own and advertised. If I ever leave my own co-op (unlikely) then I will likely just start another one. I've seen many people that have left my co-op (aka kicked out) make their own too. There's always that option.
    We are a team of a few good people who are in the golden league!

    Name: You can call me Bob
    My Co-Op: Teamwork (#E3ESY7 -
    My Town: Schitt's Creek
    Friend Code: 6TTK54
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