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Thread: Groundhog 8 hours

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    Groundhog 8 hours

    I had a fun bug today - didn't want to say anything until it was over.

    Yesterday morning I hired the dealer. First thing this morning I was playing on my phone with only 3 goes left. I switched to my tablet at the time of him being available only to see that it was another hour for his break and I hadn't bought anything. Much muttering under my breath ensued thinking I had lost one go.

    After the hour, I checked the time left and was amazed that instead of the expected two hours, I had seven hours! Thank you very much!

    The only downside is that I am having to wait 13 hours for my plane.

    Anyone else strike it lucky today?

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    Hello Chiosnic,

    We're really sorry about this! Be sure to make a report in our ticketing system via the Report an Issue tab in the game so that we can get an investigation going! Our developers will check what might have happened to your game and return everything back to normal!

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    If it happens again, I might report it. I'm certainly not complaining about extra hours with the dealer!!

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