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Thread: Balloon Disappeared!

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    My situation is slightly different. This morning I found 3 balloons but as I ran out of tcash, I didn't search further. Later, I earned tcash and went searching for the two balloons and nothing. I searched everywhere. Is this normal?

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    Hi Itswtvr

    I always found the 5 balloons even if I did not start searching for them right away. I think they will appear at some point. I would keep searching. If you don't find the last 2 by the time new ones will appear, it will be time to report the issue. I get new ones at midnight (my time) every day.
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    Ok, will do. Thanks

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    Itswtvr - Nana said if she "hovered" over a town a balloon would appear. Not sure how long she did that. Give it a try.

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    Still haven't found but I'll give that a try.

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