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Thread: Regatta scores of today wrong!!!!

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    Regatta scores of today wrong!!!!

    Statistics say 270 plus 135, down at the Bottom at Total Just 270!!
    Coöps name Downtown's Little Place!! Please fix

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    (I'm guessing that English is not your native language. That's okay. Better than just "okay". Be calm--as opposed to 'becalm'--before you post, however.)

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    Same here, in statistics it showing 266 (131 plus 135). But in Race tab it showing 131 point. Co-op name "Freedom 1971". Please fix.

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    You are right, English is nog my native language so I haven't got a clue what you mean. It would be nice if you commented on my post and not my English, or maybe you want to try if your Dutch is better than my English??

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    We have the same problem!!! Also our players can't take the task sometime... What happens? What should we do???

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    To follow up the current regatta (respective the Playrix server situation) please note this

    Admin announcement, written by Playrix Staff Anastasia Bukina

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    The same problemen with me. My first score of 135 didn't count to day. Is there a way that this can ben fixed. Coopname is "Coop heroes" my name is "Sillytown"
    Thank you best regards Sillytown

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    In this regatta, we have already completed many tasks. But I guess we have not been able to get appropriate points for them, because our total score is 125 less than the sum of each member's score. Could you solve this problem?

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    Hi to everyone

    This was due to a server problem. Please report this from within your game and Playrix will give you some compensation.

    Click on the cog/gear - Help and Support - Regatta. Click on the message icon top right.

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    Thanks for your answer, with me everything is in Dutch and if I do like you said, there is NO icon top right

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