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Thread: More weekly levels (or change the chest levels)

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    More weekly levels (or change the chest levels)

    Would love if more than 25 levels were released on a weekly basis. Currently I'm up to date with the levels (waiting on level 901). Every Thursday I get my 25 new levels and by Saturday / Sunday they are complete. Then its back to the same old chest levels which are so hard. Would love to either get more than 25 new levels a week so that I can keep on progressing with my garden or if that's not possible then for the chest levels to change on occasions.

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    Agree, atleast 50 new levels weekly if possible and more prize in chest game.

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    Seriously, why can't you give us at least 50 new levels each week? It's so frustrating that I can't continue in the garden, and 25 levels goes by so FAST!

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