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Thread: Question on strategy for barn upgrades

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesville1 View Post
    Why am I always kept waiting for nails for a barn upgrade? I always receive lots of paint and hammers but I’ve been waiting for nails for weeks. This is a splendid game but this issue is starting to spoil it for me.
    2 more days without nails. I know it’s just a game but I’m not enjoying it because if this issue ☹️.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesville1 View Post
    2 more days without nails. I know it’s just a game but I’m not enjoying it because if this issue ☹️.
    I am going thru the same thing but with slabs and bricks. I send trains 45% faster, I have sent them continuously inside and outside regatta tasks and I get glass in all or most of the cars everytime. I am trying to keep my tools in storage balanced, as others have been advising, and it appears to work, it just takes time. Try to think of it as a long-term goal, like 2-3 months to accomplish, and work towards it while finding fun in smaller goals, helping neighbors and completing tasks. Be patient.
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    I'm at Level 98 and my barn capacity is a whopping 1,860. I almost feel guilty admitting it, seeing as many of you are having trouble

    I also have no idea why my capacity is so darn high for my level. I send planes and trains and helicopters all the time! Always have. I've never really had a strategy, just played the game. And I only upgrade the barn when it tells me the tools to do it have made it possible, I've never paid t-cash to upgrade.

    I'm really confused as to why my barn is the mega super store it has become. The only thing I can think is that I have upgraded most of my factories and I never increase the XP unless I absolutely have to in order to get to 50% time reduction. Could that be it?

    Even with a big barn I've felt the pinch at times and I do not like to sell materials, so one of my barn management strategies is to always have about 4 zoo enclosures built and waiting for construction materials. They ask for different combinations. So as soon as I have any combo of two materials at a high enough level I can complete whichever zoo expansion asks for those two and wipe out 400+ materials. That means I am not specifically waiting on one item.
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    mines 2685 I'm level 107

    when i started playing i was obsessed with barn size because it is a real struggle until it reaches about a 1000 & you've got all the buildings & land expansions. I keep about 75 of each of the power tools for the next community building & sell all the bricks, glass & slabs. i'm not working on the zoo I don't have the time & I like the main course more ie growing & making stuff & helping other people. i don't really see the need to upgrade any factories once they've got all the shelves. maybe i will after the islands are done.

    to be fair, play style changes quite a lot when you've unlocked everything & more so if you're not bothering with the zoo. I like regular grinding for coins now so when my barn's getting a bit squeezed I spend the weekend doing helicopter orders with the 2 x coin boost. you can easily make half a million coins in 3 days if you're prepared to keep checking in every 30 mins to delete any orders < 2k. I made (& spent) a ton of coins when that professor whats-his-name event was on & I missed the 1st week or so of that. It was the most generous event playrix ever did since i've been playing. Free barn expansions & land expansions! it was almost like it was a mistake lol. best thing about that event was that everything was achievable without spending a single t-cash.

    also helping as many people as you can is a lot easier with a big barn. i usually help with about 300-400 products in our co-op it's great for getting clovers & coins & xp & you'll get a lot of active friends.

    8 million coins & counting & that took 3 1/2 years without spending any real cash on coins (t-cash is a different matter!)

    happy farming.

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    So, this is something interesting I have observed with the boats to islands, and maybe it's applicable with the trains too. I have noticed, with regard to chances of getting the rare item from the island, with no ingot (not a chest, just the rare food item like plums, etc.), that if I send 1 boat to that island on a regular schedule, I get the rare item exactly as often as the percentage says (ie 1/3 chance of plums gives me 3 plums by 4 tries usually, sometimes in 3 tries). But, if I send 2 boats to the same island, even if I send them at the same time each time, the rare drop is much more unpredictable and I rarely get it in less than 6 tries, between the 2 boats.

    So, I'm thinking, maybe speeding up the train, and then sending it off twice as often as a result, might have the same effect I'm experiencing with the boats.

    Have you tried slowing your pace with the trains (don't send them off as often even if you can) and see if you get what you need with fewer trains? When I go back to 1 boat, my rare drops return to something more predictable.

    Just a suggestion. I'm not too experienced yet so I have no real help to give. Just thought, maybe, this might work for you.

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    I have a question I'm hoping someone can give insight on. I'm level 74 with a 735 size barn. For some reason about two weeks ago my supply of Barn upgrade materials simply and dramatically dried up (this was around the time I started using the Tool Exchange, though that may be coincidence).

    I still get an occasional barn upgrade item, but it is VERY rare. As a result my barn growth has slowed dramatically. I wondered is this was a feature of the game, that it slows down at a certain point. But no one has ever mentioned anything like this that I've seen. So I'm wondering what is going on. Any ideas?

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