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Thread: Question on strategy for barn upgrades

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    Hello Bosco,

    At level 49 my barn is 510. I have spent T-Cash to get that one last can of paint or nail that I have needed. However I only buy tools when they are on sale at the market and I only buy T-Cash when it is on sale. My barn is almost completely full.

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    A strategy to increase the barn faster is concentrating on the plane to fill it completely. I have observed that the reward for a full plane is barn materials the most and land expansion tools only very few community building tools. The train is opposite: it brings community building tools first, some land expansion tools but only very rarely barn expansion tools. So depending what is the next main goal one can either concentrate on planes (for barn materials) or trains to finish a community building.

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    I agree with Alizar. My barn is at 810 and I have never paid to upgrade it.
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    My barn is at 1210. I bought a bunch of Tcash with actual cash last fall. Have used Tcash for anything - to pay for the last few things to upgrade the barn, to finish off a building, to get the last tool needed to expand land. I don't spend Tcash often - just from time to time. I spend it and then take the time to earn it back. My stash goes up and down about 300 worth every few weeks - or depending on how much I can play.

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    Why am I always kept waiting for nails for a barn upgrade? I always receive lots of paint and hammers but I’ve been waiting for nails for weeks. This is a splendid game but this issue is starting to spoil it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesville1 View Post
    Why am I always kept waiting for nails for a barn upgrade? I always receive lots of paint and hammers but I’ve been waiting for nails for weeks. This is a splendid game but this issue is starting to spoil it for me.
    Battling storage issues has made me quit more than one of these farms and mills type games.

    In Township, it seems the shortage item is different for different players and, for me, it has changed over time. For a long time it was paint I got last, then I started getting oodles of that but not hammers. Then I got paint and hammers, but not nails. OTOH, one if my coop members has been getting twice as many nails as the other two for a long time now, and she sells it constantly.

    We were able to get in better balance during the Professors Experiment event when we could give each other our extras thru coop chat requests. I found once I got my numbers pretty even from that event, they stayed pretty close for a while, but now my paint is lagging behind again.

    I am level 81 and my barn holds 1560. I think early on I bought one last item needed for upgrade maybe twice. I don't buy expansion parts with tcash anymore, neither to expand nor at the Market. I will buy one there if it is offered for coins. I will sometimes buy the expansion item from the Yacht Club, depending on which it is and how my numbers look. I do usually try to finish in the group with the expansion part reward during special events.

    I think my barn is large for my level, probably because for the first year I played this game, I didn't play a lot. I didn't like helicopters so I didn't do those much. I did planes at first but found too often I'd start making stuff but the plane would be gone by the time I got around to playing again, so I stopped doing planes. Mostly I filled trains a lot. It wasn't from any plan or design, but the net result was that I accumulated XP slowly from not doing the planes and copters, but accumulated expansion parts pretty regularly from doing the trains. My coop members, who started a year later, have reached about my level with smaller barns.
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    I am a high enough level with a barn big enough to not worry any more.
    When I first started I concentrated on planes only believing that was the easiest way to go. I always had Raj on hire so managed to always fill a plane.
    However I was told the helis are what help most with XP to get up the levels.
    Trains were the way to get materials for everything.
    So now, I do all three. It has worked fir me so far. I climbed the levels, got all the buildings, CBs etc, and get regular barn upgrades.
    I never pay tcash fir any of those things, although I may speed up something fir regatta.

    The one tip I have followed that has worked great for me is I Sell anything that I have an abundance of.
    So if I have let’s say 50 hammers and 30 paint but only 10 nails, I will sell 40 hammers and 20 paint, thus leaving me with 10 of each.
    I keep an eye on the numbers with everything and keep them all even, land expansion, construction, barn upgrades, and power tools.
    Some players say this doesn’t always work, but it has for me.
    Nothing to lose by trying it though, if you want to.

    Whatever you do Good Luck and enjoy your game

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    wow this is very strange to read other peoples experiences with barn upgrades. I have never had any of the off balance problems with barn supplies. They're generally close in amount, to each other. The cb supplies, on the other hand, get super crazy. I just sold some bricks because I had 18 and 17 of the other 2 and my building only needed 20 bricks (but I didn't have enough of the other 2) and I had like 62 bricks. I'm not really sure what's considered normal, as far as keeping up on barn upgrades though. I'm collecting for the 510 upgrade right now and I'm at level 47.

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    When my barn was small I would sell excess barn materials if one of the three was getting much higher than the others. This was out of necessity as I just didn't have the room to wait for it to balance itself out. Now my barn is bigger I don't do this, and it does balance itself eventually.

    I have always bought the last few needed tools (4 or 5) to upgrade my barn and am happy to do so. It is the only upgrade I am willing to spend a bit of tcash on and has been worth every penny. My barn gets upgraded about once every 4 to 6 weeks at the stage I am at, my next upgrade requires 77 of each tool. I am nearly there, thank goodness.

    My barn is currently 3185 and I still struggle with space, though not like I used to. I think it will take me needing to be at 4000 before I feel really comfortable with my barn space.

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    Sometimes I’ll buy the last tool needed to upgrade if I’m in a hurry, but usually I just wait. I tend to do a barn upgrade then a zoo enclosure while I have space, then back to a barn upgrade

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