This post is in response to being Falsely Accused of Cheating

I recommend Playrix:
  • IMMEDIATELY change their messages that accuse the paying customer of cheating
  • Change their reply message when it is a problem that Playrix created from “We apologize for the inconvenience” to “We made a mistake and are truly sorry”
  • IMMEDIATELY conduct a postmortem on the issue - Why did it happen? Who is accountable?
  • NEVER introduce an update or new version at a critical time - e.g. the last 24 hours of a Regatta
  • Use industry standard system development methodologies, such as promote to production, user testing and acceptance, fall back procedures

As a MAC player of Township, I am concerned that:
  • Playrix have stopped supporting & updating the MAC version of the game, compared to Android, etc.:
  • The cost to play (i.e. in-game purchases) is the same
  • When a user is kicked out of the co-op they can’t use the in-game Help & Support button to report an issue
  • Playrix staff on the Forum tell co-op members to “ask these players to report it to our Support Team if they hadn't yet" - How can you do that when they are locked out and other co-op members cannot communicate with them?
  • Some fools (like me) have spent real cash in-game and do NOT appreciate being labelled as a cheater.
  • People play this game to ease the stress and anxieties in their life. Everything about how this issue has been handled has gotten users pissed off, stressed out and very unhappy.

According to publicly available data, Playrix’s estimated January 2017 revenue for Township is $4M. For one month! See

In December there were 22 negative reviews reported in iTunes. In January there were 85 negative reviews and during the first half of February there have been 36 negative game reviews. What will the data show for the remainder of the month?

Is this kind of treatment of your user community sustainable?