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Thread: Problem getting update on Amazon

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    Dave Gallagher

    Problem getting update on Amazon

    im trying to install the upto date town ship but it wont let me, it keeps saying amazon store connection failure, ive tried downloading a new app store and still have same issues, everytime i try and connect to the app store it just keeps kicking me out anybody got any ideas
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    Dinah Hardy
    This is just suggestion try opening the Appstore first before you update the township. I was able to update with out a problem. Good luck.

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    Did you try to restart your device completely? This usually helps to reset my connection to the amazon store. Cross my fingers.

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    Dave Gallagher
    Tried both and still no joy

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    Hi Dave

    If you have a problem with Amazon you will have to get in touch with them. They must have a support service.
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