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Thread: FAQ about the april 2015 upgrade

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    FAQ about the april 2015 upgrade

    This is just a start. I will add up information as I find it.

    Help ! The game won't let me install the Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse has to be place ON water. It can't be build on soil.

    They say we have 10 new lots but I only see 7

    You will see the remaining 3 lots once you have cleared some lots. All the new lots are beside the last one we got (south-east).

    What are the 3 new achievements ?

    Seafarer's Finds : related to bringing artifacts from the islands
    Unique Exhibition : for completing sea collection
    Walk of Fame : for buying the statues

    They say we have 10 more spaces for our barn, but I only have 5, or I don't have more space.

    The 10 new spaces are given to everyone who upgraded their barn at least 3 times. If you are new to the game and upgraded your barn only 1 time, you will get 5 extra spaces with your next barn upgrade and another 5 with the third barn upgrade.

    This is a one time only increase. The normal increase of 25 per upgrade is still true after you have the 10 spaces bonus.

    They announced a counter for how many ships we have sent. I don't see it in my Town Hall

    If all your ships are at the dock, send a ship and the game will update your Town Hall with that new information. You will see it in the Statistics tab.

    They say we have 11 new products. What are the new products ?

    There are only 10 new products. Announcing 11 was a mistake on Playrix part.

    Floor Lamp in the Furniture Factory, available level 68
    Mole Sauce in the Mexican Restaurant, available level 73
    Corn Soup in the Mexican Restaurant, available level 67
    Fish & Chips in the Fast Food Restaurant
    Quiche in Grill Factory
    Baked Lobster in Grill Factory
    Bacon & Eggs in Grill Factory
    Fried Fish in Grill Factory
    Rice Casserole in Grill Factory
    Pancakes with honey in Grill Factory

    Take note that all these new products become available at different level.

    What are the 3 new vehicules ?

    We have an Ice Cream Truck, a Tow Truck, and an Old green Pick Up.

    Upgrading the new Grill Factory

    We can start upgrading the Grill even before it is completed.
    The option to add an extra shelf appear the 6th time you upgrade (when your star has a 5 inside).
    The option to buy the 7th production box become available after you've add the first extra shelf.
    (Thanks to Ralph for the details.)

    New changes not announced :

    Mining : when we dig a pick axe, we now get 3 instead of 2.
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    Question: has silk always taken 14 + hours to grow?

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    Cyndy my game shows Silk 15 hours, Rubber 12 hours, Cacao 8 hours and I think it's always been like that. If I'm wrong someone will correct me. So you're either a very early riser, a shift worker or a Party Girl that's just got home. Way to go I say to the latter

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    Thxs for the 10 new space...

    Hope the game developer will continue to include 10 or more space every update...

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    Graylady... Change 6th to 4th...

    the second shelf is available after the 9th upgrade... 10 inside the star...

    delete when posted...

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    Rice Casserole? So that's what that weird looking thing was! I saw it in a Facebook group sneak peek and couldn't figure it out.
    I'm not building that grill factory, there's not much in there that I would eat in real life! On the hand, I could go for an order of bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers right this minute...

    (Strawberry milkshake and gingerbread for dessert.)

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