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Thread: My game is not upgraded

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    Ban Ana

    My game is not upgraded

    After the update... it seems the game still hasnt registered that i updated the game cause when i try to goto my friends town i get this a message saying that they have a newer version of the game and i cant load or help them out... how can i fix this? Im on android... and yes i checked again for updates in the app store...

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    Ban Ana, your question has been answered numerous times. The update has not been released/approved by Apple as reported by admin and others previously. Could see the upgrade Monday/Tuesday possibly.

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    Hi Ban Ana

    I moved your post out of the iOS section as you are on android.

    For android, we had a bug correction upgrade earlier this week. That is what you installed.

    Due to some issue, neither the iOS nor the android upgrade are available for the moment. We have to wait until next week for the official release.

    I know there is a leak version for Android. That is why we see that message about a newer version.
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