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Thread: Level 269

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    Level 269

    I've been stuck on this level now for over a week, I know some of the levels are hard, but this is just ridiculous ! The amount of lives I have lost is unbelievable. Please can you give me any tips to complete it, so I can advance further into the game.

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    I Need help Too..
    This level really sucks !!!!!!! 😠

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    Hi there! I got stuck on this one too some time ago. To get the glasses of lemonade you don't have to destroy the pieces in chains (although it may raise your chances), just try to clear the ones with some ice on them. In case the lemonade is somewhere next to the water, try to clear the pieces which are under the water. I recommend to keep on clearing the pieces which are at the very bottom. And it's quite handy if you get as many power-ups as you can to get a rainbow blast.
    Check YouTube walkthroughs as well

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