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Thread: 18.02 Austin Interviews Lead Gardenscapes Writer

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    18.02 Austin Interviews Lead Gardenscapes Writer

    Hi, folks!

    Hot from the cold — enjoy a new interview with the game writer Sasha Khizhnyakova, who lives in Siberia! Austin collected your most interesting questions to take you on a journey around the development process of the game!

    Hello, Sasha! How is it going?

    Hi, dear Austin! Well, let’s say I’ve got something interesting for you in store. You’ll find out very soon

    Oh, you do know how to intrigue people! But let’s get to our business now and here’re the first questions from our players. Where did the idea of the game come from? And what inspires you when working on it?

    The idea of Gardenscapes was born so long ago (before I joined the company), that it’s history now. So when I came, I got to work on the early garden areas and it was so exciting! I found myself in constant need of inspiration to produce funny sketches and plot twists every day. It was a bit harsh first, so what I did was I started reading books, watching shows, going out twice more than I used to — I was just so hungry for experiences to boost my creativity for the game. Later it all a kind of evened out.

    What was your favorite game when you were a kid?

    I think I’m still a kid! (laughs) When you live in Siberia you can’t but love winters — otherwise you’ll just feel depressed for a good part of the year. The most fun activity ever then is to forget about everything and just dive and roll in the snow from head to toe — like there’s no tomorrow! So you could say that was my favorite game as a child.

    Wow, so interesting…and chilly! By the way, was writing your field of study? Is that how you became one of the creators of this addictive game?

    Yes, I’m a graduate in language and literature studies. It means that you get to learn the structure of the language, and how you can use it to express your thoughts and ideas, i.e. — to write. After graduation I wrote different kinds of texts: news, ads, and even a short book about hydroelectric powerplants! Of course, here at Playrix I got the major practice working with my fellow writers, who are awesome pros!

    How long did it take you to create Gardenscapes before it was ready to go public?

    Oh, it was a very long process! We were experimenting, rewriting the storyline, changing this or that… You know, it’s never easy when you take on making something out of the ordinary. That was the team’s common vision — we just wanted to make an unusual and awesome game so badly! When it was launched, I felt that we succeeded and it’s the best feeling you can get when creating something!

    Do you have experience in landscaping and gardening or maybe you even have a similar garden in your real life?

    As I mentioned I’m from Siberia and summers over here are too short for having a garden like this But my grandparents have a country cabin and when I was a kid I used to spend a lot of time there. They grew vegetables, herbs, and some flowers on a small yard and my granddad taught me how to take care of plants. Now these skills help me better understand you and your tough schedule.

    What are your most favorite levels and tasks in the garden?

    I love the levels with butterflies because they’re just so pretty and the ones with fireworks, because you get this feeling of an action game on your match-3 field. In the garden I prefer tasks where you get to choose the look of elements: shapes of fountains, colors, species of flowers, etc.

    How do you choose where the story will go (and where I’ll go with it )?

    The general concept of the game (along with the main plot idea) was developed a long time ago. So now we basically stick to this major storyline unraveling it bit by bit from one area to another, sometimes adding minor changes. You have a lot of adventures ahead of you, Austin, so brace yourself!

    Oh, come on, give me a break! Heh, who am I kidding… I love adventures! By the way, some players mentioned similarities between you and me, especially the way we smile. I’ll take it as a compliment, but what do you think? Or which in-game character represents you the best way, in your opinion?

    (laughs) That’s a compliment for me too! I love your positive personality and don’t mind those comparisons at all. Apart from that, I can say that I resemble Martha. I love animals (and especially kittens) and am always concerned about their well-being.

    I knew that! You’re totally a cat person! Ok, our next question is about the Superbutler. Players are wondering if they will ever get to read the Super ButlerMan comic books. What do you say?

    Hm, I always thought you were the Superbutler. Aren’t you?.. No? Did I say too much? Ah, well in this case, why not… Let’s say we’re leaving this opportunity open for the future.

    Do you have any tips for your fellow gamers?

    Keep playing! If a tricky level won’t surrender, don’t give up and you’ll beat it in the long run! Austin and I believe in you. Keep calm and carry on — a lot of exciting things await you along the way!

    Well said! Thank you for your answers, Sasha! I hope you’ll continue to surprise us with your plot twists to the story! See you soon, or should I say “read you soon”?

    Ha ha! It was my pleasure, Austin. Have no doubts - your story has just started! Good luck!

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    Do you ever give away coins and power ups? You should. Thank You

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    Why do some people have watch video to earn coins and some dont

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    Need more power ups otherwise on same one for days

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    Porque e que nunca recebemos recompensas ao observarmos os filmes ????

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    How to gate live

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    Why do some people have watch video to earn coins and some dont???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tridora Juniastian View Post
    Why do some people have watch video to earn coins and some dont???

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    I Love the concept of the game why don't you consider giving more bonus , reupping, and more coins. Love Love Your Game, A Big Fan Signed SueBee

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    Vreau și eu vieti

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