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Thread: Social Media & Gems

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    Social Media & Gems

    Love the game but here's a suggestion, many games of this type offer free gems or coins on their Facebook pages or twitter etc.. It's an easy way for players to earn gems (I've seen way too many complaints about buying booster and gems) and it encourages people to follow y'all on social media! As it stands now there's no reason to check the page, and also more sales would be great especially if it were posted a few hours before it started! Finally, there are many levels that you have no hints or tips on, sometimes they have been very helpful, although the repetitive use of the power up suggestion in all of them gets a little old. Why not give useful tips like - you'll need to work on horizontal matches first, or there are no tiles under the second row of crates. I really do enjoy the game, just hope someone pays attention to this. Also would be nice if forum topics were arranged numericaly by level.

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    They do make contest on Facebook or here on the forums where they give gems to the winners. The same as the other games I play. I k ow that Facebook Games give regular gifts to their players but it is only for Facebook version of these games.

    As for the forums being shown by level in the game, it is not possible. VBulletin, the software under the forums, is a general type of forums. Most of the time visitors only check the latest posts.

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