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Thread: Timed Levels Too Difficult (+ Accessibility Issues With Arthritis)

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    Remove Timer Boards For Higher Levels

    PLEASE remove the timer boards for higher level boards. It is way too hard. I have 3 friends that play. It's very difficult to have lives. The timers make the levels almost impossible. Games should be enjoying & challenging but never frustrating. Thank you.

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    Timed Levels Too Difficult (+ Accessibility Issues With Arthritis)

    I dispise the timed levels. They are stressful and frustrating, not fun.

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    Timed Play Too Difficult

    When you time and level, need to give us more moves and more tiles to match. If you can't March tiles you'll never pass the level.

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    Please NO More Levels with a Time Limit

    I'm on level 257...another time limited level. I cringe at time limits. I think good, not fast. I've had to spend a small fortune to get thru levels with a clock. The stress of a clock and the shock when I added up the charges I had to spend to beat the clock reallly make me mad. Its unfair. If i wanted to play a timed game I would but i don't. Life is a time crunch. I dont want my game to be too. Please level the playing field and stop the clock. I love fishdom but Im so irritated at seeing another clock i want to say #@! it. I dont mind spending money when my brain can figure out a level. I do mind being virtually forced to. I hope you will consider this change.

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    Timed levels - vote for and against

    Let's vote for and against timed level. Just post here what are you thinking about.

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    Please give more time. I know you want us to by diamonds, and I do, but I have only passed one level without them, sometimes 3 extra times. I think the least you could do is give more than 30 seconds when we do spend money to help thru the level

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    Totally agree don't mind buying things either but don't want to spend 40/50 coins on one level!!!

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    Not a fan of the timed levels..

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    Timed levels give me anxiety. Im a mom of an infant so sometimes i gotta leave my game at drop of a dime and i waste lives on timed levels a lot.

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    Just DO NOT like these levels. Time is too short........anxiety is too high. I play games for fun. These levels are NOT fun.

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