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Thread: Timed Levels Too Difficult (+ Accessibility Issues With Arthritis)

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    Arthritic. Can't do timed games

    I cannot get the timed games in time. Been stuck on level 154. May have to uninstall for that reason. Very frustrating, and not relaxing like the other types of levels.

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    Get a hammer or a swap. When you start the game do a few moves, then press the hammer or swap to stop the clock. When you are ready for your next move, press the hammer or swap again. You can do that as often as you want.

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    Hi All!
    I have to agree I Hate being timed I play to relax not get stressed out can they put in a timed or relax mode so we can choose Plz?

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    I do not like the timed levels... I play to relax at the end of the day... which is why I chose fishdom... calm nice fish.... happy graphics..... decorating etc..... not to stress out...... :-(

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    Timed games

    I hate timed games. I am on level 178 and keep getting stuck with no moves left. I got down to one nugget left twice ran it of time twice purchased more time twice but had no moves to make to allow me to win. Come on guys what's the secret?

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    I've looked at 178 on YouTube and it's not a timed game?
    However, most of us hate timed games. Trick is to keep going and not think too hard. Keep making and exploding bombs and hope somehow the field gets cleared. But it does feel more like chance than anything else.

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