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Thread: Artist Paint factory, and art gallery

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    Artist Paint factory, and art gallery

    OK this is the third time trying to add this idea, I hope it sticks...

    I'm looking for a paint factory that produces tubes of color, each color is produced at different levels, requiring different materials at different levels to make. These are used in the art gallery to make different paintings or sculptures, also based on level.

    More details. Paint brushes, painters pallet, easels, frames, canvas and other building materials for sculpting, or paper mache figures can be made in a artist supply factory. Some of these materials needed can be put into other factories.

    In addition, materials can be used to make the building blocks to make wood, clay, metal and stone sculptures.

    I hope this gives you the basic concepts, if you need more details, let me know. And thank you for such a great game.

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    i think it is a great idea..

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    Yup, sounds interesting.

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