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    Level 438

    Stuck for days need back up!!
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    Seriously, can't anyone help?

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    Hey Jeff,

    What I've noticed is, to even come remotely close to winning this level you have to do the following:

    In the beginning try to create a bomb or dynamite (or anything bigger than that) in the section to the left, but close to the middle section. (I hope that makes sense). Its crucial you get this done within the first couple moves. After you do that, it will send the fireworks to the right section and unlock a couple of the red and green objects. After that you can try to make a few matches with the reds and greens. Once the right section is more open, your main goal should be to get as many explosions as you can. Try to get mostly bombs or higher, as you're trying to fill up the meter as quickly as possible. Once the meter is full, use it to get rid of either all the reds or the greens on the board. Repeat this until you've collected enough reds and greens.

    I was making the mistake of setting off fireworks throughout the whole level, but I'm guessing those are just there to distract us. Towards the end you should be trying to get only explosions with the bombs, etc. I hope this makes sense and that this helps! ☺
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