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Thread: Expand Beyond Mountains (Waterfall Passage)

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    Expand Beyond Mountains (Waterfall Passage)

    I have an idea of going through the waterfall to expand land on the other side of the mountain. It could be for players at Level 65 and higher. The land could be twice as much as land is now. Perhaps, our Zoo can be linked to the land on the other side of the falls? Thank you for allowing me to share with you.
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    This is a very interesting idea. I like the idea of our towns getting bigger, though I'm not wild about the concept of land that is twice the current price. My expansion costs are already in the 110,000 gold coin ballpark, and I'm not thrilled about it. lol

    The area I'd really like to see more room for is the oceanfront area. I'd love for Playrix to move the buoy line out farther closer to the island fortress so I can have more water space on the ocean.

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    If Land Area Cannot Expand....

    This thought came to me after playing an online game (don't remember the name because Township became an obsession and I no longer play it - LOL!). If the area in Township cannot be expanded past the mountains for more growing opportunities, what if we could "visit" and interact with the areas past the mountains? Or maybe build different types of villages, i.e. a Christmas Village, or a town that grows fruits and has Organic Cafes, etc? I don't remember the other areas the other game had to offer (except the Christmas Village; it was so sparkly!), but one could "travel" back and forth from area to area to grow and build in the other areas. Would something of this nature be possible, kind of like having the zoo? It was really quite fun and the play format was endless! Township's graphics are WAY better, though, and I'm sure the developers would love to "expand their horizons", so to speak.

    Any ideas, developers, about additional zoo-type areas?

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    A really neat idea.

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    I would love another expansion too. A theme park would be a great idea. Entrance to the theme would be similar to the zoo, like you're entering a new gamescape. Build rides, attractions, games (the games could be interactive, like a ring toss or darts, and play to win prizes.) There could be different sections to the theme park, a water park for example. Community buildings could be food vendors and souvenir stands. The items sold in the vendor carts could be produced in the factories in the township, use sugar cane and strawberries to make cotton candy and rubber tree for making balloons. Earn tickets for selling food and souvenirs, similar to earning hearts in the zoo.

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