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Thread: More than puzzle games

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    More than puzzle games

    Make like 5 or 3 game options that you can play. It will be a benefit. And less angry people. First will be the usual puzzle game. 2nd can be a mini garden where you have to collect flowers, pull weeds, mow the lawn, dig holes, plant trees and more. And timed. Start off with 10 minutes. Then get less. 3rd could be feed the animals. There will be butter flies and birds with certain foods. You feed them. Each food loads for 5 seconds then as you increase levels, it will take longer. More animals and timed. This is all i can think of. This will help gardenscapes a lot. I hope i find my ideas come true.

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    5 is too much. Maybe 3 is better. This is a example of what it might look like to choose the game you want to play, but instead of 1, 2, 3 have a snapshot of the game, name of game under, and the brown to be a wooden. And with Austin holding the sign and same finger position that he does when you press the "Do It" button. Example.jpg
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