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Thread: Help I don't have the valentines game I feel unloved!

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    Help I don't have the valentines game I feel unloved!

    I have the valentines update. Front page is a lovely lovey Dovey scene! Lovely fish with hearts when I go to play a game. A valentines offer but no hearts to collect and no valentines game 😕 I went to Google play to be 'clever' and update, but there was no update it said I was all up to date!
    At least my little fishies love me they still heart me!! I don't know if there is any help but as my mum and sister both have the valentines event I'm feeling a bit left out!! Thanks in advance 😀

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    Im having the exact same problem its not fair and i dont know how to fix it, fishdom ppl have ignored my messages too :/

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    Hi to both of you,

    I do not know at what level we can get hearts by doing our regular levels but the 10 special levels are available only from level 35.

    Sorry the customer service do not answer faster. Please check regularly the message you sent in case an answer come in without alerting you.

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    I got to level 6 and finished it but no chest, and got sent back to level 5, just like the Christmas ficasco, they want you to spend spend spend for poor rewards.

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