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Thread: Valentine's Extra Level

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    Valentine's Extra Level

    I just completed the 10 levels for the last chest, the fish just got dumped into any tank and no option to name her. I worked so hard to get her and I get no options to name her or place her? Wow that's just wrong on so many levels.

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    How did you beat level 5 ? It seams in possible. Sorry to hear you put in all that work for that to happen it puts me off trying to get all the chest open

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    Eugene wrote a message somewhere else : they are working on letting us move our fish. All is not lost.

    I stopped trying to beat level 5. I have more success with my regular levels.

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    I just played level 8 on the valentine extra for all of my 2 hour free lives, used all 3 boosters 3 times and never got close to completing the tasks, any suggestions?

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    Author overdone with the level of difficulty, as if levels were just to buy for them for real money diamonds and boosters

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    I agree with Wenon. It is too difficult for a timed event. It's not even fun. Too frustrating when I use boosters and pay for extra time and still can't beat a level for several tries.

    I am seriously considering giving up on this game.

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    I beat all 10 levels....5 was a monster. But it dumped the fish into a tank I didn't want it in. Figured I'd sell it and just buy it back in the tank I wanted it in. No luck, I now don't have the fish (Evelyn) and can't access the Valentine's levels to try again. Is there a way to get that fish back?

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    I agree this is BS. It should have gone to the special shopping menu. We should at least be able to move her to the tank we want.😠

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